[Flash CS3] Newbie: Return x,y from class

I’ve got a file in which I place a .swf on the stage as follows:

var cellphone:LayoutClass = new LayoutClass(100, 250);

LayoutClass looks like this:

package {
import flash.display.Sprite;
import flash.display.Loader;
import flash.net.URLRequest;

public class LayoutClass extends Sprite {
var xx:Number;
var yy:Number;
public function LayoutClass(xx, yy) {

var thing:Loader = new Loader();
thing.load(new URLRequest(“images/cellphone_picture.swf”));
thing.x = xx;
thing.y = yy;

This works nicely, placing object at stage coordinates (100, 250). However, in the file (not in the class)…

trace ("object.x = " + object.x + ", "object.y = " + object.y);

… yeilds…

object.x = 0, object.y = 0

So even though object is located at stage coordinates (100, 250), it’s somehow got a local coordinate of (0, 0). When I attempt to attach an animation of RF waves emanating from the cell phone (using cellphone.addChild(waves);), the waves center at stage coordinate (0, 0) rather than from the registration point of the cell phone swf.

I also enabled dragging for the cellphone and when I drag it while the waves are animating, the waves move with it. So I know the waves are actually attached to the cellphone. How do I get the waves to emanate from the registration point of the cellphone?

This is probably pretty simple but I’m missing it. Any help?