[flash cs3] Two Little Problems

Hey there

please can some help me,
I’ve got two problems.

The first is, i build a carousel gallery and put it into
my HTML page in a hybrid site but the problem is that it starts spinning
as soon as the HTML page is loaded because it works with
cursor distance from the center of the stage. Is there a way of
deactivating it and ONLY onRollOver is it activated and when i roll
off it is deactivated again.

my second problem is that I’ve made a flash navigation for the same
HTML site. This is the code I’ve used for the button states:

function aboutOff(){
function over(){
trace"over" ;
function out(){
trace"out" ;


I’ve replaced the getURL with a trace and it fires…
so could someone please tell me how i link a flash navigation
with HTML pages in a hybrid site.

I’d really appreciate any form of help.