Flash CS4 to Eclipse AS3 - Setting a stage, instantiating an object

I have been working on a spaceship game using Flash CS4 and thus far have created a Ship.as class that is instantiated in the ShipGame.fla movie file. A friend recommended that I use Eclipse/FDE and do my entire project in actionscript rather than using the Flash CS4 IDE. I am running into some basic problems getting started that I was hoping I might get some help with.

  1. How do I create a stage and set the frame rates, width, height, etc? Flash CS4 was doing this automatically for me.

  2. How do I instantiate a Ship object into the stage and use a picture as the skin. Flash CS4 was also doing this for me with the import feature. I have read some about using drawing classes but would much rather import a picture.

  3. I read that Key.UP, Key.DOWN, etc functions do not work in as3, but rather one should use Events. How might I accomplish the same thing the functions use to with as3? Also, does an event listen every time a new frame loads? I ask this because I would want their to be a difference in just tapping UP rather than holding UP.

Any help with any of these issues would be GREATLY appreciated. I feel like I can really hit the ground running once I get some of these beginning issues resolved. Thanks so much in advance.