flash cs6 bone tool, import to Animate CC bone tool

Hi guys
Anyone know if an older flash cs6 project with the IK bone tool will import properly in to the newer Animate CC ?

Somewhere in between these versions they dropped the bone tool all together and then brought it back I believe

If you have a FLA for and older CS6 project, I can test it out. I have Animate CC installed :slight_smile:

Thanks, I think I’ll just get a trial version myself. I mean after all flash is really on the uprise anyway right guys right?

I have to assume it will import ok, I tried on a flash cc version with no bone tool, it tried to convert to keyframes but a bunch of errors popped up.

so yes, the new animate CC does import the old bone animations everything is fine.

I parse flash movieclips and in the newer Animate version I had an error something around movieclip.totalFrames / current frame. I managed to fix it without knowing exactly the problem (yes i suck right now more than ever). I am questioning why the same code will compile in flash cs6 but error in animate cc. They are both using the same Air SDK.

maybe cs6 used the old compiler and animate uses the newer asc2 ?

Anyway after one small change the rest of the relatively large project with bone animations is working fine