Flash customisable pop up windows (not HTML)

Hi, this is an excellent component that lets you open up pop up windows within flash, that can extrenally load HTML formattable data.

It’s very easy to use.

You setup your buttons, for example one called test. Drage an instance of the pop up component onto the stage, set the x and y settings, the label no. and content no and the target button, in this example, test.

Then in the content.as file (all content has to go in here) you specify the label no and content no.

So each instance has it’s own target button, label for the window and contents. Check out my example fla. and the contents.as file and you’ll figure it out very easy. Flash MX

Thanks flex, I will check this out.

You’re welcome.

Thank you:)

Hello again

This is a whole new way of building a website and it’s contents. Great Stuff.