Flash-DB GuestBook Issues

I’ve used the guestbook that Flash-DB created on my old website, but now i’m in the process of creating another website. What i wanted to do was to use the scrollbar component with the textfield that displays the actual entries. However, the textfield that holds the actual entries of the guestbook is given a variable name instead of an instance name. The problem is that the component attaches to an instance name rather than a variable name and therefore the scrollbar won’t scroll the guestbook.

I hope this is not too confusing. If you want to actually see the problem, head to the GuestBook section of http://jtang.d2g.com/

What you will see is that the entries are all loaded except that the scrollbar cannot scroll down the text field … if you select the text and then keep pressing the down arrow on ur keyboard, you can scroll down.

If anyone knows a quick fix for being to scroll textboxes with Variable names instead of instance names, please let me know !

this site is hosted on my computer so if my computer is off, u won’t be able to see it.
try visiting again at a different time.

Thanx in Advanced Guys