Flash detection problem

Hi everyone,

I’ve downloaded the flash detection kit but I’m having some problems combining the Flash Player Express Install scripts with the scripts generated from Flash 8. I’ve noticed that the scripts created from Flash 8 are different from the scripts in the file called playerProductInstall.html which is one of the files in the express install directory that I downloaded. Would someone be able to tell me how to combine them so I can enable Flash express install? I’m a bit confused because at the following address:


…the instructions on how to combine aren’t very clear. It says to implement the Flash 8 detection script so I assume that meant just running it via the publish settings option in Flash 8, but once this is done it doesn’t say how to combine that script with the script in the playerProductInstall.html file. I think I’ve worked out that the head section in each of the files are the same but the body section differs. So if this is the case, do I just use the playerProductInstall.html file and not worry about the script generated from Flash?

Would really appreciate any help.