Flash developer, Cambridge, UK

Hi guys,

The company I work for is looking to hire Flash developers as we have a huge amount of work. We’re based in Cambridge, UK and do predominately e-learning applications. You can check out our website http://www.tribalctad.co.uk for more info.

Main role: Flash developer. The level of your role will depend on which of the following skills you can match (both freelance and permanent roles are possible, though if you want to get the most out of us you will need to be permanent).

You will need…

To be really fluent in AS2 + OOP.
Experience in code animation and rich interfaces,
Basic knowledge of most common OOP patterns (MVC, Factory, Singleton).

Ideally you should have experience with (or at least be willing to learn) MTASC, SWFMill, Red5 or any other OS tool for Flash as we use them in a daily basis.

Knowledge of any of the following technologies would be appreciated:

  • *SCORM and related e-learning stuff *
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • ZigoEngine and/or Fuse
  • Versioning control (mostly SVN)
  • CSS + HTML + standards
  • C / Delphi / Java
  • Mambo / Moodle

Any samples of your work would really help in the selection process. Including:

  • Code samples. Don’t need to compile, of course.
  • del.icio.us / ma.gnolia / diigo or wherever you keep your bookmarks.
  • Blogs and/or forums you participate in
  • Links to any projects you’re involved in

If you you’re interested, please send an email to Juan Delgado (juan.delgado
[*] tribalctad.co.uk) with “CV” and your name in the subject.

Thanks a lot