Flash - dreamweaver - net

hi everyone!!

im having the biggest problem yet!
i made a nav bar in dreamweaver… and used fireworks for the images… i dont know why… but the images would not load to the site even tho it showed that i uploaded it with ftp… (x’s instead of images)
so i made a different nav bar in flash and just attatched “get url” action to each button… but when i imported it to dreamweaver it didnt work! so it naturally doesnt work on the page either!

Also if anyone knows… none of my photoshop images (jpeg) are showing either…
im sooo lost and confused… if anyone can help me with any of these problems please let me know!

thanks a bunch

Is it anything to do with your file structure? Were the images kept in a separate directory and they aren’t now? Or vice versa?

hmm… well its all basically int he same folder… and then… withint hat i just organized it a little… and images are in the images folder… etc…

does that cause any problems?


It’s really just a matter of checking whether all your pathnames are correct in your coding. If it’s trying to retrieve a graphic from a non-existant directory or from the wrong one, then it won’t work…

If you’ve got Dreamweaver on your machine then run a link check on the site. That will pick up any broken lins to graphics.