Flash dropline menu & script problem

Hi there.
I am trying to create a flash menu with an animation and a dropline menuas yrou roll-over.
I have tried two methods:

  1. created a button - the over state contains a movieclip with the animation blur effect and then brings up the dropline menu (buttons) on the over state. This works ok, but everytime you click on each dropline button the button animation plays all over again…thus not ideal way to go about this.

  2. my second option is a movieclip with frame labels and actionscript (rollover) that works ok till I publish the file the two buttons I have created both have animations and both play on as you publish swf -then after that both buttons work fine and don’t intervere witha eachother - meaning you can rollover one button - the dropline buttons appear below that fine and then when you rollover the second button the 1st button dropline fades correctly.
    basically, just the first animation of the swf is where the problem occurs.
    if this sound confusing… see my attached flafile…I am not a actionscript wizz but this is so close to what I want except for this one thing! that I don’t know what to do.

Pls can someone advise or look at my file.

thanks so much!!!