Flash Dynamic Menu problems

Hi All,

I am a Flash Developer and am in Desperate need for a solution. I have a Dynamic Flash Vertical Menu. It is prepared dynamically after reading an XML file. The submenus are distributed accordingly.

The menu url is www.gofreebay.com

The Menu is still under development.

The problem is that i cannot select the text or textfields below the transparent flash area. I have a few Solutions but i dont know if i am headed the right way. All suggestions, comments and solutions are welcome.

Solution 1.
Place the transparent flash in another html and display it in an iframe and resize the iframe when the mouse is over the flash. I dont even know if this is possible. Its just an arrow in the dark. (I know that iframes dont work on many browsers but then neither does transparent flash…Im just relying all odds on IE)

Solution 2.
Place the textfields also in another div tag and then swap them with the Flash.

Solution 3.
Using a technique like the one available on the site. www.rediff.com for displaying expandable banners. I dont have any clue how this works either. If anyone can get the works from this site i could use it too.

All other suggestions, feedback or solutions are most welcome.

Please help…