Flash Email Form - almost working?!?!?!?

Hi there, this is my first post here so thanks very much in advance.

I have created a Flash Email Form (based on the Kirupa tutorial) and it works absolutely fine when it is run by itself (contact.swf), the “Submit” button works fine and i get the email.

However whenever I try and run the Email Form from within my site i.e. loadMovie (contact.swf) into another movie the “Submit” button is totally dead. The “Clear” button always works, so i presume it is an issue with the actionscript on the Submit button: [COLOR=blue]form.loadVariables(“email.php”, “POST”);[/COLOR]

I have also added: [COLOR=blue]this._lockroot = true;[/COLOR][COLOR=black] to the 1st frame of the “contact.swf” file which i thought would make sure it is the root movie?[/COLOR]

I’d love to hear how to resolve this as it’s driving me nuts!!!