Flash file hosting server?

I don’t know if this is the right category to ask this in, but I think I need help to find a good file hosting server/website to save my swiff’s in to show examples in a freewebs…

Reason is I made stuff in Flash 8 but my school’s Flash is 6, and I cant show my animations to my teacher other than posting it on a freewebs or something “free” on the internet. I have around 14 animations, all varying in size and content (all different completely).

I uploaded all the files to filefactory.com but I don’t know how to get a URL with .swf at the end to be able to embed my flash. FileFactory’s URLs are all in numbers, different ones for each file and it wont work for this.

Any servers you guys use that I could use to do this?

Please and thank you?

By the way I know how to code it and insert it into a page…