Flash for Content Management with PHP

Hi, I’ve got a site (www.tifah.com) that has a simple PHP/MySQL backend to it that my client uses for content management. I am designing a new version of the site in Flash (for the client’s new album), and would like to keep my backend functionality. I have done a couple Flash/PHP tutorials and know how to output my PHP content and pull it into Flash for ONE record in the database. What I can’t seem to find much information on is how to deal with multiple records of content once I’ve pulled it into Flash. For example, if you click on “news / reviews” in the site linked above, each news item is a record in the database comprised of “date” and “content.” I need to be able to list it in a scrolling text box in the Flash movie.

Would someone be kind enough to share an overview of some of the things that I might need to be aware of as I attempt this in a Flash movie for the first time? Thanks!