Flash for mobile robot. need help


Am a student doing a project on mobile robotics. For the first time we are planning on making an autonomous robot which would be based on macromedia flash. I required some help to accomplish this. The idea i have in mind is as follows,

  1. A map of the entire room would be created in macromedia flash. I have already been able to achieve this part. In a text file i give the coordinates of the walls and obstacles. When flash is executed it uses the “lineto” function to create the walls and environment.

  2. Now the start position of the robot is decided by the user and also the end goal in the environment. The coordinates of these points can be found by using “getproperty” function. I have been able to get this too.

  3. Now once the environment is entered and the start and end positions, i need to write some algorithm which shows the path my robot would take. I did hunt online and found some of them based on the A star algorithm. but they are way tooooo complex. And dont know how to incorporate them into my project.

  4. If i can get that done then the next step is breaking that path into smaller segments and sending the data for each segment out of the computer to a oopic microcontroller board which will control the motors of the robot. I am under the impression that “XMLSocket” function will let me send data out from the serial port. If not then probably i could incorporate flash into Visual Basic and get that data out.

I owuld really appreciate if you could help me out on this project. I need help from the pathfinding point onwards. The algorithm doesnt need to find the best path or anything. Just something which can conect the start point to end point avoiding the obstacles and also going only in the horizontal and vertical direction. Help of any kind would be greatly appreciated.