Flash Form Problem

I have a flash form which sends correctly, but the email sent has html tags in the comment field. The comment field is a multiline form element.

How do I make it send without the html tags?

Name: test 

Email: [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] 

Comments: <P ALIGN=\"LEFT\"><FONT FACE=\"Arial\" SIZE=\"14\"
COLOR=\"#000000\" LETTERSPACING=\"0\" KERNING=\"0\">test</FONT></P>

Here is the button code:

on (release) { 

// logical operator makes sure the textfield is not blank. IndexOf checks for "@" and "." characters in textfield

if (!email.length || email.indexOf("@") == -1 || email.indexOf(".") == -1) { 

results = "Please check your e-mail address."; 

} else if (!comments.length) { 

results = "Please enter your comments."; 

} else if (!name.length) { 

results = "Please enter your name.";

} else { 

loadVariablesNum ("http://www.grahamarchitecture.com/mailform.php", 0, "GET"); 

results = "Sending Data..."; 

PHP Code:


$TextVariable = '&results='; 

$response = 'Message Sent'; 

echo $TextVariable; 

echo $response; 

/* recipients */ 

$recipient .= "[email protected], [email protected]" ; 

/* subject */ 

$subject = "Message from Website Contact Form"; 

/* message */ 

$message .= "Name: $name 

Email: $email 

Comments: $comments"; 

/* additional header pieces for errors, From cc's, bcc's, etc */ 

$headers .= "From: $name <$email>n";

/* and now mail it */ 

mail($recipient, $subject, $message, $headers);