Flash form with a few check boxes

I have flash form with a few input text boxes and a few check boxes. It sends but I receive all “undefined”.
I have this code on my submit btn–
on (release) {
if (company eq “” or contact eq “” or address eq “” or city eq “” or state1 eq “” or zip eq"" or phone eq"" or email eq"")
} else
formData = new LoadVars();

    formData.company = company.getValue();
formData.contact = contact.getValue();
formData.address= address.getValue();
formData.phone = phone.getValue();
formData.email = email.getValue();
formData.addinfo = addinfo.getValue();
formData.individual = individual.getValue();
formData.group = group.getValue();
formData.medicare = medicare.getValue();
  if (mailList.getValue() == 1) 
        formData.mailList = 1;
        formData.mailList = 0;

formData.sendAndLoad(“email_request.php”, formData, “Post”);


and I have my php code–

include ‘init.php’;

mail ("[email protected]", “All Type Accounting Contact Us Form”,
The following is input from the request info page.
Please respond to $name at $email in 2-3 business days.

-----------------------------Basic Information----------------------

company: $company
contact: $contact
address: $address
phone: $phone
email: $email
addinfo: $addinfo
individual: $individual
group: $group

Please contact $name immediatly via phone.","$name

any help would be much appreciated,