Flash Forms: Get, Post, Pet, Gost?

Hello all,

I searched around and found some helpful things, but I am still missing something I think…

LoadVariables() won’t work across domains, right, so, is it porrible to send data to a CGI script via getURL and not have a popup window on send?


lrhb :hat:

Question not clear, what are you trying to do?

Oh you’re right, it’s not very clear at all! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to send form data from a flash movie to a CGI script, without having any popup windows on send…

I don’t think I can use LoadVariables() because the flash movie is hosted on a different domain from the CGI script.

So what other options might I have, for sending data across domains and not having any popup window after the data is sent?


lrhb :hat: