Flash Forum

I just built a Flash forum (over the last week or so) combining Flash and PHP. If you care to try it out:

Demo: Link
Downlaod: Coming soon. I’ll have a distribuatable copy installable on your server.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Oh and one more thing. All the menu options are on the right click menu. I’m working on the lay out to put them elsewhere, but for now right click menu.

NOTE: It lags a little when loading data. I would recommend turning off animated windows and setting quality to low.

thanx alot guys. The custom menu just uses the ContextMenu object. (Theres alot about it in the MX 2004 Reference),

I just got linking to seperate posts working. I just need ideas for the best way to give the url to user… cause that whole copy paste thing just sucks.

It now auto refreshes whenver you make a change, so you see your changes instantly. You now have delete capabilities. It also goes to your new topic automatically, and returns to the previous topci fi you delete a reply.

right click doesn’t work in netscape mozilla

oh and good luck advertising a flash foeum when you’re on the web’s most attractive one…

its not supposed to be a flash forum. It’s a forum I built in flash. The demo has no specific purpose besides being there for people to test. And how could I ever hope to compete with Kirupa, which is by far the best. :smiley:

jerez, it’s nice.
i was planning to port the one I built on steve’s sources (http://www.codejunkie.co.uk/) to mx '04 and add lots more stuff
-1st version was here: http://www.flasheyez.com/board/ , long time not used, lol
-newer, modded version is this: http://eyezberg.free.fr/boardmx/ but there’s a bug somewhere, so it comes up empty and you’ll have to use the drop-down menu bottom center to select a forum; haven’t looked at that code in ages! too bad, was coming along nicely, avatars and all…

keep it up!

thats awesome thanx man

I really like how you have been able to expand the Right Click to include new menu items. It’s the first time I have actually seen it :slight_smile:

thanx man that means alot. It actually turned out to be pretty simple. Alot simpler than I expected.