Flash Forward

Did anyone else here go to the flash forward event in NYC last week. I was just wondering if I was the only one here that attended.


I’m too young to go to NYC on my own, and my parents wouldn’t pay for the plane ticket, so I had no opportunity to go.

I wish I could have been there though.

that is ok man, it was cool. had a lot of cool night life and learned a lot. was also able to talk for a while with collin mook

collin who??

I like to see who won what and view some of the entrants on the web site, some of the sites are just amazing :thumb:

should be able to see the winners from this link

You should have asked him for a free copy of his book!

I actually PM’d Ingo on DQS. Since I live in NYC I wanted to go. I think he was doing a speech or presentation or something like that but he never replied. I wish I would have went but it kind of slipped my mind.

Yeah, I would’ve gone as well, but it’s kinda, you know, like overseas and, yeah, well costs like 10,000 Bfr. to fly there and all, so yeah, I didn’t, like, go.

the guy from macromedia flash who wrote like every good book on actionscript. he is on their board of directors and is there definitive person to talk to about flash and action script. he is also the creator or unity a program that was built for multi user flash aps

digital: i went to that place called the “remote lounge” do you go there often. if i lived in new york that would be the place that i hang at. it was super cool

do these peole spend all year working on these jjust to win this contest or is there a huge publicity involved in this?

Doesn’t ring a bell. There are so many places it’s hard to remember them all :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed it.

Not just a year. Their entire lives. They are forced into some sort of cruel slavery. And gues what, they can only use computers with no keyboards, so they have to copy/paste every letter they type.

it is a huge networking thing. you go there and see cool stuff and try to network and get some friends in the industry so when jobs come up they will give them to you.


I’ve always wanted to go to one of these, their work is amazing, but yeah, I’m too young to go to nyc on my own and certainly can’t get my parents to come.

Here would be the conversation between me and my parents:

Me: Hey, is there any way I can go to NYC for this Flash Forward Event?

Them: Flash? Wha?

Me: Yea, you know that program I spent a load of money on a while ago

Them: Oh yea.

Me: So can I go?

Them: Go where?

Me: …

krilnon, maybe when you get older. no big deal. i am already old and out in the real world so i just kind of do what ever i want.:slight_smile:

I blew off the one in SanFrancisco and this one. I’ve attended these before and felt like they were a waste of time information-wise. But the networking is probably the biggest part of it all.