Flash & Frames

Hi all,

I need some serious help here. i have a major problem, and i do not understand it. I am a web developer by trade, all be it not a super one, but one non the less, and i have created a website for a client.


now, i have a big problem.

The flash works perfectly for me and for any computers i have had it tested on. when you click the link buttons, the page loads correctly in the bottom frame.

However, on the clients computer, when you click the flash buttons the frame disapears, and the lower window opens as full screen. The entire frame system is gone.

I have looked it over and over and have no ideas. the problem is, my client has tested this on his machine and his friends machine and he gets exactly the same problem, However i have tested it on several machines and do not get a problem.

Of course if i do not solve this then i do not get paid… Does anyone have any ideas, about what is causing this. possibly some of you have experianced this previously…