Flash Function Scope

I think I’m losing my mind. I’ve been programming AS for awhile now, and I think i forgot something fundamental.

I can’t call functions inside movie clips “up” the chain, only “down”.

For instance, if I have a movie clip on the stage, and a function on the _root level, and one in the movie clip, I can call the _root function from the movie clip instance, but not the other way around…is something wrong with my flash? I’m positive I’ve been making calls this way for years.

I’ve attached a test .fla to illustrate. If it works for someone, then somethings wrong with my flash.

I draw a square on the stage. I convert it to a movie clip. I name it foo. Then I create a function called test in foo that traces “test”. Then from the root, I try to call it:


doesn’t work.

I feel stupid posting this :slight_smile: thanks for any help.