Flash games.. please?

i posted a thread before this regarding multiplayer games in flash mx. does anyone know how to do it or knows anyone who knows anyone who can teach me or at least give me a site regarding it??

would appreciate it so so much…

thanks!!! :slight_smile:

that’s a tough one. I would suggest picking up a book which details XML and the XML socket. You can read about the socket and what it does in a number of places including www.moock.org. I can at least discribe the basics.

An xml socket opens a continuous connection between a computer and the xml socket server. This allows for real time transfer of info between many computers at once.

The trouble of course is that not a lot of servers offer the xml socket support.

Now if you’re looking to have some sort of strategie game… or something that doesn’t require immediate information from each player at all times, you could use some fancy php with loadVariables(); methods to accomplish that.

Friends of Ed books, has out the Flash Game design studio (or something to that effect) which has some great discriptions of enemy AI programing, and other sorts of game options

“Server Side Flash” Talks pretty extensively about xml and the xml socket as well as all other aspects of the server to Flash communication. I highly recomend picking that one up.

Other than that, I have no real good advice for you.

thanks. :slight_smile:

il try to look it up see if something comes out of it
and il post again.

thanks again!