Flash Gordon vs. MoncreyWeasel

Here is a gallery of all six rounds plus the base image for this battle.



The poll will close in 15 days.

sweet dood, but you might want to make a gallery with thumbnails so you dont have to wait for every picture to load at once.

ya…its taking a while for everything to load.

But it takes more of my time to make a gallery with thumbnails than it does of your time to wait for the pictures to load. Plus those thumbnail galleries annoy me because you have to click every picture and then close a window after each one. And how come out of 9 people to view this thread only 3 have voted? And how come two of those people were me and MoncreyWeasel? And how come the other person voted for MoncreyWeasel? And how come…WUMPF! [Head thuds on to desk as meltdown sets in.]

i didnt vote, dood. but if you voted for yourself, i guess i should vote for myself too

that doesn’t make any sense. I saw in your member page that the last thing you had done was view this thread. The thread said 1 view. When I went into it someone had voted and when I left the thread it said 2 views. What the fudge!? Yeah I voted for me, hehehe!

Nooo! I’m melt…losing!

Here, flash, link to this instead. I made a gallery with thumbnails.


come on people, vote! you KNOW you want to!

GJ gordan, you had a tough match.

//I’ll whoop silent’s bootah and get revenge!

thank you for the thumbnail gallery - i was not about to wait for flash’s wonderful full size dillema to load.

hey flash, just noticed your new footer, thats sweet, man. I need to practice flash more so i can make myself one too!
I really enjoyed this battle, man, it was a great intro to photoshop battling for me, i got really into it. I especially liked your first image with the fire, it was my wallpaper on my home computer for a while, really sweet image. I hope to battle again sometime.

Voted for weasel as i really like his round 5
although great work all round :stuck_out_tongue:

woah… just realized this has been over for a while! Hey flash, maybe you wanna close it (if you have that ability… ive never made a poll so i dont know)?