Flash has problems handling lots of code?

ok, here’s the situation:

my movie jumps unexplicably to low quality. i try to solve this by commenting out a function. it works. the thing is, if i leave that function in and comment out another, unrelated function, that works too.
neither one by itself causes a problem. but both at the same time do.
so i moved one to a different frame and it seems to have solved the problem.
so i’m over that. here’s my current issue:
i’ve got a movie clip, call it “A”. and inside that movie clip i’ve got another movie clip, call it “B”. i have a frame action in A that should tint the instance of B. but it doesn’t. however, if i move B to the main timeline and put the action in one of the main timeline’s frames it works.
I’ve checked and rechecked my variable names. it doesn’t make sense. if anyone else has had troubles like this, please let me know. and if you have any idea how to deal with it, that would be nice too.


Sometimes it’s not the quantity of code, which Flash can handle pretty well, but a combination which causes a problem.

Simple but are you targeting the right place _root.B?
Just a quick thought . . .