Flash Help! Reward Inside!

Okay I really need some help.
I’ve completed my flash demo reel. I just need to convert it to a file format that is supported by Adobe After Effects so I can compile it together and burn it to a DVD
Exporting it as a swf file is perfect quality only problem is it is not a supported format.

I wanted to export it as a AVI file, I did so but the quality of the video is very pixelated. I’ve tired all compression types as well as uncompressing it. The quality is still terrible as an AVI.

For some reason Flash 8 wont convert my video to a Quicktime format.
Any help converting a swf to a avi or any other format without affecting the quality of the video. I want to maintain perfect swf quality.

Reward to whomever can solve this problem for me. Please reply here and/or to my e-mail [COLOR=#ff9900][email protected][/COLOR]

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