Flash - HTML interaction (back to the same point)

guys, I really need help… Is there any possible way for this: if a user is in a flash site, then he jumps to an html page, if he clicks the “back” button of the browser can he come to the same point where the swf file was? Maybe using php? Giving the user a random ID or something when entering the web and assigning a variable (and calling the php) when he clicks the button for leaving the swf file and entering the html page? ANY SOLUTION AT ALL???

more detailed explanation of the situation: The website is created totally in flash but I need to add an online payment section for the event. I did not think of the online thing until after finishing with the website. There is a movie that calls the sections and loads them (with preloader) in the main one. Now, the online payment is in an html page but I do not want the user to have to go all the way to the frontpage when clicking “back”.

The only solution so far would be assigning a different page for each section but that messes up completely the design I’ve done.

help please!!!