Flash/html shopping cart


So, I need to develop a flash shopping cart, or actually a product basket (dunno what to call it, really) that would basicly just be an updatable list of products that one chooses to buy from a site. Sounds simple right?

The problem is that the whole site is not done in Flash. Just the product basket. There are multiple ways to do this and would like to have some advice on where to go with the whole thing.

It would work like this:

  1. we print out a list of products from a database (SQL, jsp->html).
  2. the user clicks on an “Add to cart”-link
  3. the Flash product basket reacts to this by adding the product to the list of chosen products

ATM I’m considering between the following options:

  1. Use Javascript and Actionscript (propably SharedObjects?) to make the whole thing work smoothly (without refreshing the browser window when the product is chosen)
  2. Use XML. With XML I don’t know how I would be able to make the whole thing work so that the browser window wouldn’t refresh when a product is clicked. Another thing I dunno how to do is to make the Flash basket realize that the previously chosen product wasn’t there before, so that it could sot of notify the user that “Hey, you just added something to your basket”.

Have any ideas/thoughts on this one?

Thanks in advance!