Flash html

I am havin trouble with my html for my flash site here is a link to my site

u might have to copy and paste the link but anyway as u can see it is in the center as i want it but it isnt the right size when i change the sizes in the html it makes no difference any1 have a html code that will align it in the center but also th right size


The first two things i reacted on:
-Nothing happened when i opened it in opera. Had to use explorer…grr! :confused:
-Even in explorer this file is WAY too heavy for me, as a 56k user.

Now, you’ve always got to think of the visitors, they might not in all occations live up to your demands, and you can’t afford to lose visitors just cuz they aint got the right browser/resolution/connection or whatever. Now…since this is not at all what you asked for i will ignore it for this time.

Anyway, since i couldn’t load the file i dont quite see where your problem lies, but the one proper way in HTML to align sth in the center is < p align=“center” >. I know that < center > is also theoretically functional but if you ask a real codewriter (like me, for instance) it’s not accurate. Thus: use paragraphs to align stuff, that shouldn’t change the size at all.

yo dude cheers i gotta say i doubt that the file is too heavy for u seen as i am runnin on 56k as well and on aol satans internet and the file is only 30kb but thanks anyway