Flash ide ignores changes in imported classes

good evening kind kirupa people
i have stumbled upon the strangest bug.

a few days ago i have started running across various errors and glitches in the app i am developing, and after a lot of time found out the following fact:

just as the title reads, flash started ignoring changes i make to classes i use, as if it has an internal cache of imported classes and refuses to check for changes. it notices when i remove class from directory, it notices when i comment out a whole function, BUT
if i comment out the contents of all of the functions, leaving just their declarations, flash executes them “perfectly” well. where does it takes their contents from? how to delete the cache?

while trying to save a class at a certain point when i was dealing with this, i got a “sharing violation” error, that told me i cant save it.

how? why? what to do?

please please help me,
thank you