Flash in Dreamweaver

Why is this? I placed the Flash into an HTML page, framed, using Dreamweaver. When the .SWF file first plays is looks distorted. When you click the “Intro” button to play it again, the file seems to adjust proportionately. I can’t seem to have it play correctly to first time around.

The page is best viewed at 800 x 600


Can someone have a look and advise me as to how I can correct this distortion.



I didn’t see any distortion?!
Nice typo, what is it?

So you didn’t notice that ‘RenPro’ looked squeezed initailly and when you click ‘Intro’ it smoothed out and looked ‘full’?

I wonder why I see it though…

The font (if that is what you meant by typo) is stop. **** near impossible to find. If you want it I will send it to you.

Again, thanks for your input. If you get a chance, have a second look and see if you see what I am seeing. I can’t figure it out…



ok, got what you mean, when it 1st loads, its higher up and smaller!
What’s the action on the “intro” button? Is everything in the right frame in the same swf?
I wouldn’t worry 2 much, i thought it was supposed to look different…but it does look better bigger and centered :wink:
And, yes, I’d love to have that font, if you don’t mind:
[email protected]
Thanks a billion in advance, tabernacle! :slight_smile:

I can’t figure it out.

Here’s what I think…1st time it loads, the SWF is on an HTML page. Which in turn is loaded into that frame.

But the Intro plays the actual SWF in the frame not an html. The action is geturl “…SWF” Window “framewhatever”

Am I making sense…hard to see the trees through the forest at this point…

On another note…the dynamic text box has the font set to stop…but when displayed it counts using Times New Roman…why is that?


if “stop” is the font, did you embed it in the fla? that’s right at the bottom of the character panel, 1st box? if not, and “stop” is not on the comp you’re watching it with, a system default font will be used instead!
Intro: you mean when i click intro, the whole html page containing the 1st intro is replaced by just an swf file? if so, what are the pulish settings for the html+swf (the distorted one)? is it fixed size, or %? check the html code of that frames page!

I did not embed the font because when I do it totally distorts the numbers. Cuts them in half and and doesn’t count up properly.

What would cause that?

Did you get the font I sent?


Yep, thanks a billion again, hadn’t checked hotmail before… :wink:
Maybe, if you only embedded letters, tat might cause the numbers 2 b cut…? no idea, I’ll try!