Flash in Powerpoint

Hello all,

Can you import a flash movie in powerpoint? I want to have an animated slice for my powerpoint presentation. I was playing around with powerpoint, and I don’t see it.


don’t know about powerpoint, but if you work in Keynote (macintosh equivalent) you can use flash. works great!

i think powerpoint 2002 and newer can use flash. i’m not sure how well it works. if necessary, you could always put a hyperlink in your powerpoint presentation to an html file. within the html file you could have a full screen javascript function. then make a full screen flash movie and embed it.

follow this link for complete instruction:

Thanks a lot Cebubum. This is exactly what I need.

Keep in mind that if this is a presentation that will be given at different places on different computers, the file path will change. It can be a hassle sometimes. Easiest way is to always take and use the same laptop if possible.