Flash in Visual Basic


I have an issue that the article http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/flashvb.htm of this site did not address. It was close to though, so I thought that asking here could help me.

I already knew how to load a .swf file in a VB6 program, but my issue is that I would like to embed that .swf inside the .exe so that if I want to share the program, only ONE file will be necessary. (The .swf file being invisible because hidden somewhere in the VB .exe file.)

Now I know about the Embed property, but when set to true it embeds the .swf as the _level0 of the ShockwaveFlash VB6 component. I need the .swf to be in _level1 because the _level0 must be reserved for a web .swf that must NOT be embeded.

There are several possibilities I could think of, but I have no real knowledge of VB6 so I hoped someone would tell me the right code. (I do not have the MSDN help files unfortunately)

So here are some possibilities:
1/ There is a way to set the Embed property of the ShockwaveFlash VB6 component to true AND have the .swf embeded as the _level1 or whatever, anything that is not _level0. If there is indeed a way, how can I do it ?
2/ The .swf is necessarily embeded as the _level0 (Embed = True). If it is the case, I could set Embed to false at runtime and copy my embeded .swf to _level1 dynamically, with LoadMovie(“url”, 1).
“url” needs to be a path though, so is there a path that points to the .swf when it is actually INSIDE the .exe wanting to load it ?

That is all I can think of from the few things I noticed using VB6. I need either to know which is the path string that points to an .swf stored inside the .exe, or how to force an embeded .swf to be at _level1 (or 2, 3, …) instead of _level0. Or any other trick you can think of. :slight_smile:

And if nobody knows, do you know where I could get an answer ? (I’ve been searching this for weeks :P) Like…where can I join the author of the article that I linked above, for example ?

Thank you for the eventual help! :goatee: