Flash+Javascript=no idea

my problem is this, I have central page with 14 icons in flash with a description made in HTML that when click it goes for some page, in the left bar I have these menus but normal, only written in HTML, when click it also goes for such page, now that it comes my problem, when I click in flash icon, let us say presentation, the menu of the lateral bar, is selected, but it cannot be, because if I click in “register”, presentation goes to continue selected, I need to make it not to be selected, this of the certainty in the description in HTML when click it adds. Somebody has some notion of as to make this, and as it would be to AS of the flash?
the Javascript is this that has in the HTML.

<script>function LimpaAtual(){top.frames['Barra273'].MenuAtual.className='BarraMenu';}</script>