Flash link set to open in same windown does not always work

I am stumped with this problem. I have a intro flash page to my web site, and created an english and french link set to open with in the same window.
Below is the action script for the english link (it is the same for the french expect it says LANG=FRE)

on (release) {
getURL(“http://www.redpaintdesign.com/RPD_PAGES/HOME.php?LANG=ENG”, “_self”);

If you check out the beta site http://www.redpaintdesign.com/default2.html the links sometimes opens within the window, some times it opens in a seperate window. I want it to open within the window every time.
Does any one have an suggestions?

Sorry i ment to post this in Flash 8. Either way, I am still getting the problem. try the english link more then once and you will see.