Flash Media Player

I recently came across this site: http://www.universalmotown.com/raph...iq/mediaplayer/ and I was wondering how I could create my own media player within Flash MX. Does anyone know a good tutorial? Or can someone share with me the knowledge of creating a Flash Media Player? – Thank You.

All you ever wanted to know about the sound object but were afraid to ask there.

And please don’t double post :slight_smile: I erased your post in the tutorials section.

pom :asian:

Hey, thats the same link I posted in another thread. YOU STOLE THAT FROM ME!!!

Oh wait, it’s a free link. Nevermind. That tutorial on the sound object is great, I am still reading it considering it is about 154 pages long (haha, just kidding), but it is pretty long.

You did? Actually, I had already posted it some time ago, so I guess YOU STOLE IT FROM ME!! :evil:
Actually, it was written by someone who used to hang out here (kennyb) so that’s how I got the link, hehe.

pom :slight_smile:

Well either way, neither of us wrote it, so we both stole it!

hehe hes out to get you beta :slight_smile:

hey how do i do a flash signiture? hehe :slight_smile:

Everyones always out to get me:(

This link is to a thread that teaches you how to add a Flash Footer


hehe yeah i saw it when i was adding a post… bangs head on the desk

oh well…mines pretty lame :slight_smile:

I doubt that:)

please work :slight_smile: crosses fingers

ohhhhhh…i didin have “show signiture” checked… :smiley:

Thats pretty cool. If it is randomized it is even better!