Flash menu - how to use wmode function?

I am using web building software which automatically generates the code for the parameters for a flash file after you insert the file and select the attributes in a form.

I have created a flash drop down menu and want it to “drop” over the rest of the page and not push the content down resulting in a huge gap between the menu and content. I have therefore selected wmode = transparent but this does not seem to have any effect and displays in the same way as opaque and window.

Can someone please tell me if I have made the right choice and whether the code generated is correct?

Here is the code:

[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]<script type=“text/javascript”>writeFlash({“quality”:“best”,“scale”:“showall”,“salign”:“t”,“wmode”:“transparent”,“src”:“http://jackieogle2.activwebdesign.com/js/tinymce/plugins/imagemanager/files/menu.swf",“align”:“top”,“width”:“960”,“height”:"170”});</script>[/SIZE][/FONT]

Here is the page with the huge gap between the menu and the rest of the page: