Flash movie in center of the screen

how exactly are people doing this? In the flash movie, or just putting inside a table or layer in HTML?

in the html, outside the “embed” tags put (center)(embed src="fjhdkajfdklsfjdsafdsafds’)(/embed)(/center)

and substitute the ( and ) for < and >


well… I’ll ask the question a different way…

I’d like my flash content to be in the middle, surrounded by “borders”… much like <a href=http://www.donshaw.com/flash_intro_index.html> http://www.donshaw.com/flash_intro_index.html </a> or <a href=http://www.cabedge.com>cabedge.com</a>

My first thought was to create a table and place it in the middle cell… but Im sure that is not right.

HTML Comments are not allowed

Object tags are not allowed

there are a few ways to do, Ive been trying to post the code but I had trouble. email me and I will send you the code…