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Hi i wanted to ask you something 'cause i just don’t seem to make any progress.

I made a movie wich features a boat that, if you click on it, it sinks.It moves from the left to the right then leaves the screen.
If you click on it in frame 1, it will be stll on the left of your screen and it will sink to the bottom(lower left corner) if you click it in frame 12 it will be in the middle of your screen and sink to the middle of the bottom of your screen.

Now i want this to happen:if you click on the boat, it will slowly sink, but it will release an airplane that you have to hit,too.
If you miss the boat,or the airplane,there most come a “Mission Failed” screen, but that screen can i make, i think.

Please reply!!!

It really depends on how you structured your movie so far. Can you tell us more?

First, sorry for late reply.

Now the movie works like this:

You see a boat coming from the left, sailing acroos your screen to the right, then leaving your screen.
I you clicked it, there comes a screen “Mission Succesful” and a button "Play again?“wich will return you to frame 1. If you don’t hit it,there will come a screen"Mission Failed” and “Play again?”-button.
I use this : Frame1 until 24 is the boat sailing.Each frame(1’till 24)
is an individual keyframe, so if you click in frame1 your movie goes to frame26 wherethe boat will stop and sink, frame 5 for example will do the same,but go to frame 130(i made each frame individualy, because if the boat if still in the middle of your screen and it goes to a frame where you see a boat on the left of your screen that’s sinking , it won’t make any sense).
Though, maybe there is an easier way.

Please reply!

Why does no one answer?


try posting your fla if its too big try zipping it so we can see what you mean maybe we dont quite understand what your trying to do, so dont hesitate were here to help im sure if you post your fla file you will get some help :wink:


Here it is.

I know it aint that challenging to play this movie but i wanted to begin with something easy

Someone please reply!!!

Thanks in advance

Someone please reply!

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Please answer!


Boohoooo… 200 views and no help

no one made a reply cause you have no doubts, you want us to make your movie.

read the tutorials here at kirupa and try to make tha movie work on your own, then if you have any question post it here and we will answer you as fast and best as we can.


i’ll take a look.

OK, i understand.