Flash multipart/form-data format

I am trying to create an email attachment script that allows users to send me attachments through email. I am using the asp upload feature to accomplish this. My question is that somehow, the file attachment does not work from flash like it does in html. I have been told that Flash does not send the data in a multipart/form-data format (like in the html form) which is needed for asp upload to work. I need to be able to script (on the flash side) the multipart/form-data encoding. I am totally lost and have no idea on how to accomplish this.

The project is located at http://www.benkress.com/Argonne to see the working example.

I have also posted the source files if anyone has any ideas or would like to see how I have done this. These files are located at http://www.benkress.com/Argonne/SourceFiles.zip or you can download them directly from this post.

Thanks in advance to whomever can help… :jail: