Flash Music Streaming


I’ve made up a thing that will stream net radio through flash. And for some reason it doesn’t work in the the browser…only in the flash player…i think this is because there different in some way. If thats true can anyone sugest any changes please so that it will work through the browser flash player? i think its really anoying how this happens…it would make it a lot easier if it would work the same on the browser plugin as it does on the flash player

I know that the original player had problems with loading and streaming sounds…it would keep streaming them even when the window was closed…maybe in some of their changes to fix this problem they’ve changed this too…

Can any one help me out on this one…im attaching a fla which lets you select the music you want to listen to and then conect to that stream…i’ve also included a blance and volume adjuster :slight_smile:

Oh, and one more thing does any one know how to tell the sound to un load…one of the things that happens is that u select another stream and press conect…is the other stream still playing in the background or is it unloaded? Because it slows down a lot when i try to conect to another stream…

oh well hope you can help and that u like it :slight_smile:


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i think i went a little crazy with the emoticons… :slight_smile:

I suck horribly when it comes to sounds, but kennyb wrote a tutorial that looked great. It’s here.

Well, now that I think of it, that’s not at all what you wanted… OK, I’ll give it a try when I get home…

pom :slight_smile:

hehe thanks…yeah this is my first time playing with sounds…there really not that bad…i’ll have a look at the tutorial that you posted…alright cya :slight_smile: