Flash mx - _Post php problem

flash mx - _Post php problem

Hi there, im trying to do 2 things, but i cant seem to satisfy one without discluding the other

1stly I need to open a new page (be it html or php) using action script eg:

function openPage() {
 getURL("javascript:openNewWindow('http://www.example.com','thewin', 'height=200,width=250,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no')");

However to this new page I want to post variables to it (not _GET but _POST, since I need to send a user name and password), the resulting page can be html or php, but what is important is that it is opend as a new page, and recieves the variables via post

I usualy send variable to vai _POST to back end php scripts which operate behind the scene with something like this:

var serverPage1:String = "http://www.example.com/MySave.php"
var serverIn1:LoadVars = new LoadVars()
var serverOut1:LoadVars = new LoadVars()

function SaveStuff() {
serverOut1.Avariable = WhatEverValue;
serverOut1.sendAndLoad(serverPage1, serverIn1, "post");

But i cant figure out a way of both opening up a new page and posting the varibles to it (without sending then to a url which contain the variables- which i do not want to do)

Any ideas?