Flash MX/CFML Fuse Problem Some 1 PLZ Help!

[size=1]Well, I have a simple website that is fused (fusebox 4.0 method). There really are only two values that are defined for each page of the site. Basically it is just the header and the content. So my index.cfm works like this:

<cfparam name=“page” default=“home”>

<cfparam name=“Content” default=“home.cfm”>

<cfswitch expression="#page#">

<cfcase value=“Home”>

<cfset Content = “includes/Home.cfm”>

<cfset Flash = “flash/Homeflash.cfm”>



So I have an image wrapper of the site, and inside that by using the “page” variable, I load two different areas, the header is a flash document with a movie-and some built in navigation, and the second is the content area, where text and content is available. The flash header has built in navigation, but that works fine(bought it as a site template). Each content piece (where actual text information is displayed) is a .cfm file that is different for each page.

On one of my pages, I wanted to use a simple flash object that looks like all the other .cfm includes of content, but rather is another flash application. This application only contains two parts, a combo box with hardcoded navigation values and a textarea field that loads different .txt files to display as “content”.

This flash object is where I am having a problem. By default the textarea piece is setup to load a simple .txt file into it and display it. When you change the combo box, and select a different navigation piece, it is supposed to load a different .txt file. So when you want click on the word, “links manager” in the combo box, the textarea component of the flash object loads the data field “linksmanager.txt” and displays the .txt text.

For some reason, the flash piece works fine, as a standalone .swf file, and it works fine being called directly as an HTML file, using the hardcoded URL directly to the html file name. But it will not work in the site, by calling (as the content variable) either the .cfm file with the swf embedded, nor will it work if I use the .html file with the swf embedded in it. It acts like it cannot find any of the .txt files that are the content of the flash textare field. But they are in the same directory as the .swf file.

Any thoughts?

Someone please help me. I have asked this question on over a dozen sites and forums and got 0 responses. This cannot be that hard. What am I doing wrong? I am cool with restructring the site but I need to know how!