Flash MX Drag

Hi, sorry to post on these forums without helping other people. I shall try !

Basically im having grief trying to make a movie draggable with “ease”. I have a series of images which i have by virtue of some code, made into a 2.5D image. Simply speaking, they all move at different speeds with the largest foreground images moving fastest. What i would like to implement, is a draggable eased tween with code, so that when the user clicks on the movie clip, they can drag it to certain predefined areas. :smiley: anyone have any ideas?

any response to any part of this would be gratefully received,

many thnx,


btw this is the code im using for the 2.5d:

counter = "1";[size=2]
while (Number(counter)<Number(Number(elements)+1)) {

xpos = getProperty(counter, _x);

xpos = xpos + (eval("z" add counter) * 5);

setProperty(counter, _x, xpos + (eval("z" add counter) * 5));

counter = Number(counter)+1;



all of the movie clips have a z value assinged to them for the x elements.