Flash MX - PHP Mail Form Problem

Gentlemen & Ladies,

Can anyone help me with getting a Mail Form to connect to my PHP from Falsh MX. The client(the method house) has some off shore server provider (globat)which is only allowing me to use a certain php. This is my action on my SUBMIT button in my flash movie.

on (release) {
mailData = myLoadVars();
mailData[“email”] = escape(_level0.email);
mailData[“name”] = escape(_level0.name);
mailData[“comments”] = escape(_level0.comments);
mailData[“phone”] = escape(_level0.phone);
mailData[“artistname”] = escape(_level0.artistname);
myLoadVars.send(“http://www.themethodhouse.com/formmail.php”, 0, “POST”);
gotoAndPlay(“Submit”, 1);

For some reason the Flash Movie is not hitting the PHP. Can anyone help?

This is the link to the Flash Movie:


Also, I have a very simple HTML version working with the offshore PHP.


That is where I started, now I just need to implement it to Flash. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.