(Flash MX) Preloading within a movie (no white flash!)

I’m currently designing a web page with a highly graphic, and colored layout. I understand how to load external swfs into another swf just fine, but with this layout I I don’t want people to see that white flash that comes to screen right as a swf is first being called into the main swf. I hope everyone know what I’m yalking about. It’s that quick second, or more for people that have dial up, where you can see the white background where the swf is about to load. On a white background it’s no big deal, but doesn’t look good if you have a colored layout that you’re loading into. I was wondering if it’s possible to preload sections within one swf? A good example where I think this may have been done is at www.pixelranger.com. Each section loads although it seems it’s the same swf…it doesn’t seem as though those different section are external swfs. Please let me know if anyone knows if this is possible, or, if anyone knows this is impossible. Thanks!:wink: