Flash Mx -question

Can we export interactive flash movie as gif ?
or any other format?:hangover:

you can export it as a gif yes. Will it be interactive? No. gifs arent interactive, just a series of frame played in succession to give the appearance of animation. Theres no interactivity involved and no matter what you use to make a gif, it still wont have that interactive element. If you want your flash movie to be interactive, then export as the swf

oh Thank U :slight_smile:

Actually I made interactive movie in IE . & I wanted to embed it in Outlook. but we have to give obsolute path there.We can not embed movie with in email content. So I was thinking solution some trick :flower:

  • exporting interactive movie in gif format then embed it in out look etc. (which can solve plug in problem also :)) :blush:

buttttt…tt It seems idea doesn’t work !!
have you any solution for it ?

hi there
if at all u need to use interactive flash movie, put the swf on some online website and load the file directly from the website in your email. This works with all email clients and web email services except yahoo mail.


okay thanks you