Flash MX... wtf.. help!


I have used Flash 5 for over a year now and pretty good at it, I installed MX today and was having a play around with it, to say I’m not impressed would be an understatement - all be it only on my first day!

Main problems with code; they seem to have changed everything, god knows why…
ok initially I was trying to use an “On release” bit of script for a button. It demands a parameter, Why? I don’t want a &*#*ing parameter, I just want my button to play a frame.

In Flash 5, you would put on the button “on release goto and play 10” (it would go and play frame 10 on the timeline), whats the equiv in MX?
(I don’t have to mess about using _root. do I?)

When I was entering this I accidently put the code in the frame, not attached to the button so I get the little “a” above the frame, ok so I delete all the script and the a remains. like wtf? I just deleted all the code, yet the a remains?
what am I supposed to do?

I have been working in Flash 5 on a project, will I be able to continue it in mx with ease or will all the coding screw up?

I saw the poll results, so I figure MX must be good, but so far I just want to smash my computer.

help appreciated!

Not much has really changed with Actionscript between Flash 5 and Flash MX… the major changes lies in the interface, which has really screwed up a lot of people.

In terms of Actionscript - Macromedia did add more scripts, but I don’t see anything being changed from before. It should be the same… your code should look something like this:

on (release) {

Ignore the little “a” and see if it works. Also keep in mind that if you have a cracked version, that’s probably why it keeps screwing up.