Flash mx

i have 3 swf files i.e. a,b,c . and i want to run another swf file “d” after every other swf files. the sequence will like a,d,b,d,c,d .

so can any one help me out. how to do this


What do you mean exactly ?

as in you want to run them in html files or dynamicly load them into a main swf??

actually i have to make a presentation in which there is a swf file called mycompany.swf in which my company’s profile will displayed . i want this swf fill will autometically run after every other swf files. suppose i have three swf file like flower, fruit, & tree.
i want the presentation will run automatically in this sequence
fruit.swf, mycompany.swf, flower.swf, mycompany.swf, tree.swf,mycompany.swf.

it should run automatically not by pressing a button.


hmmm… excuse my ignorance but im still a little confused about how u want the swf present?? do u want each swf on a different html page if so then i think it may be quite difficult… what you could do though is create a one main swf file and then run all the other swfs from inside that… then you are able to create a variable for which page has just played and then create an if else statement on the fill swf so that it goes to the correct swf…

Hmm… that may sound a little confusing but im a little confused as too what exactly you need… sorry…

How about you send me an example or somtin??


He has three flash files: A.swf, B.swf, C.swf, and D.swf.

He was to run swf’s A, B, and C in sequential order, but with also a running of D.swf between each one:

A, D, B, D, C, D


I can’t be of any more help cuz I have absolutely no clue how to make it work. <:}

here i m sending four files. now i want that when i m clik on xxx.swf it will run it and after that automatically it calls the yellow.swf and then call xxx.swf(once again) then red.swf then xxx.swf then green.swfand again after finish automatically start with xxx.swf.

i dont want to be called in html pages.
its for a cd presentation.

okay… now i get it… hmm… okay… maybe there is a different way to do this, but this is the way i would do it…

I think you should have one main swf called index.swf. In this swf you could then load in the different other swfs.

If you check out the attached file and open index.swf then it works… Okay and if you want me too explain how it works just ask… and i will…