Flash MX

I am a Flash MX newbie who knows so little I may not be able to express my problem well… I created a Flash MX movie with two images. Each image is suppose to link to different page. If you put the cursor over either image, you get the “hand” icon, which is good. However, if you click on one image nothing happens. With the other image, if you click on it, it works fine. Any pointers would be appreciated.


is ur script correct?
it’s too general…details a bit

well i think i know what your problem is:)
Convert your images into buttons and after right click—> actions
with the actions turned on normal mode go to movie and get url…double click that put the url where you want your page to go and _self if you want to open in the same window or _blank to open in in a different window(pop-up).
For any questions PM me